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Wellness & Relaxation

Wellness & Relaxation

We have extended and rebuilt our wellness area into the "Sauna Almdörf’l"! Next to the existing finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared sauna,... we have added a new pine-herbal-bio-sauna and a massage room. Bathrobes, slippers and sauna towels are waiting for you.

Our bio tea bar regenerates and gives new strength! Wind down after a wonderful day in our Finnish sauna at 80 degrees with aromatic herbal fragrances.

Or try out our steam room and the thermal heat of our health cabins in the Alpinarium. A lovely sauna landscape to enjoy the essential pleasure of rest and relaxation.

Herbal teas and “Granda” energised water assist in regenerating and revitalising your whole body.

Toni, our masseur, offers a wide range of whole body and partial massages.

Massage| € 25,-

Treatment on specifically targeted areas to relieve tension, stiffness and blockages. Stimulates circulation. Duration: circa 20 minutes

Full Body Massage | € 45,-

Treatment of the entire body to stimulate circulation and improve metabolic activity, relieve tension and blockages as well as the pain of sore muscles. Very pleasant in conjunction with infrared or sauna use. Duration: circa 50 minutes.

Foot Reflexology | € 30,-

Pressure is applied to the nerve endings in your feet which correspond with the organs and muscles in your body. Helps in the prevention of disease and to combat fatigue. Duration: circa 30 min.

Relaxing Massage with scented oils | € 35,-

Specially tailored to meet your requirements. Duration: circa 30 min.

Sport Massage | € 32,-

Based on the assumption that sports enthusiasts are more robust than your average person, this massage is performed in a more vigorous manner in order to prepare the body for increased physical activity and blood flow. Cramps resulting from sporting activity can be relieved using special sports massage stretching manoeuvres. A regenerative and relaxing massage is performed after physical exertion. Duration: circa 30 min.

Treatment of the Spine | € 40,-

According to the Dorn-Breuss method. The Dorn method is a form of manual, holistic alternative therapy that uses gentle pressure, as opposed to stretching and bending, to correct misalignments in the spinal column and other joints. Duration: circa 40 min.

Deep Tissue Massage | € 35,-

Similar to the cellulite massage, the whole body is treated. Duration: circa 30 min.

Segmental Massage | € 35,-

Segment massage is the interrelation of the skin's neural regions with specific spinal cord segments. Segment massage achieves a reflex influence on the internal organs, peripheral blood circulation and hyper toned muscles. Duration: circa 30 min.

Hot Stone Massage | € 60,-

Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of massage and the pleasant effects of hot stones. Body and mind are revitalised with new energy and vitality. Please book at least 3 days in advance. Duration: circa 60 min.

Special Treatments | € 1,- per minute

Energetic, stress relieving, moxibustion,... Duration: as required.